Friday, December 24, 2010

Lebron say what??!!

As I am waiting for my wife to finish getting dolled up before we drive to Houston to celebrate Christmas with my family I just read this article. It gave me a revelation- 25 year old Lebron James and 25 year old Jeremy Bradshaw (I'm nearly 34 now) are a lot alike. Okay, my basketball skills were probably not as great as I remember displaying them on my plastic doorhanger hoop but really, we have a huge quality in common. At 25 I thought I was much wiser than I really was (which wasn't very wise at all) and thought people wanted to hear my wisdom. Now I know I may be a little wiser nine years later but not much and I'm certain noone really wants to hear it. I wish Lebron would learn this and just play basketball.

Merry Christmas!!

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