Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Resolutions

There's nothing magical about January 1 that will make me more disciplined or work harder but it is a good time to set goals and make resolutions. Here are a few of mine (posting them on my blog adds accountability):

1. Resolved: To read the Bible daily with my wife.
2. Resolved: To journal regularly for my son.
3. Resolved: To cultivate joy in others through encouragement and reminding them of the promises of God.
4. Resolved: To watch less television and read more books.
5. Resolved: To take more walks during my downtime.
6. Resolved: To rebuke paranoia and anxiety (to cultivate a deeper faith in God).
7. Resolved: To make pastoral visits every Tuesday.
8. Resolved: To engage a non-believer in conversation every week.

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