Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Bible interpretation isn't really the point"

The title of this post is a quote (p. 101) from Christopher Ash's excellent little book The Priority of Preaching. I cannot recommend this book enough! Here is a little excerpt on the goal of the Bible (found in chapter 3, on page 101):

The point of the Bible is to shape a people under grace who will be people of grace. That is to say, the goal of the Bible is Bible performance, not Bible interpretation... Our challenge is not simply to understand the word we hear preached but to do it. Our business is not Bible interpretation but Bible performance. We need to be a community who interpret the word; but the kind of interpretation we are to aim at is much more than agreeing what it means. We are to interpret the word in the sense of becoming a living visible interpretation of the word, a community in which the word of Christ is lived out and made concrete. We will only do this if we understand that out gatherings as whole local churches under the preached word are the defining context for the church.

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