Friday, February 11, 2011

Four Targets

There are four things I am aiming for this year and hope to build on in the coming years as I lead Memorial Baptist Church. These are four very necessary things if we want to be a healthy, vibrant, and effective church for the glory of Christ.

#1- I'm aiming to have a more diligently praying church. The need for fervent, yielding-to-God prayer cannot be underestimated. We've got to stop going through the motions in our prayer meetings, get honest about needs, and get praying for the work of God. You look at the level of zeal in the prayer meeting of the church and that is a great indicator of that church's present health and future relevance.

#2- I'm aiming to train men in our church to be leaders in their home, their community, and among their church family. I realize this is a slow process of identifying those who are willing to grow in Biblical manhood and who will labor in the Word toward the kind of example that will blaze a godly trail in our church. It is a slow process but a worthy and joyous one.

#3- I'm aiming for us to put more "boots on the ground" and take the gospel to our community. We've had some success over the last three years in motivating our members to participate in church-wide efforts to introduce ourselves to the homes surrounding our church buildings. We've tried putting the gospel in their hands (tracts) and ears (actually sharing the good news). We'll keep at some of these methods but I hope this will spur on "lifestyle evangelism".

#4- I'm aiming to build bridges between the different age and social groups in our church. We cannot have cliques in a family. It doesn't work. We need to practice hospitality and deepend genuine fellowship. The Lord has put us on a mission and dividing our forces will certainly spell defeat.

Now the dreaming is the easy part. It is the doing that tests our mettle. Anyone can pick a target but hitting it takes patience and persistence. There are plans at work already toward hitting these targets and some plans will develop along the way. Start praying and let's get moving!

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