Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Warrior Within

It seems like overnight my baby turned into a little boy and he is definitely all boy. He has these foam swords that he has shown no interest in until a few days ago. Last Sunday morning as we were waiting on his mom to finish getting ready for church (she kindly gets us ready before she gets herself ready) Asher noticed these toy swords. From the far end of the dining room he picked the swords up and charged into the living room to "stab" me with these swords. He let out a "Braveheart"-esque scream as he brought these swords down on me. He then ran out of the living room back to the far end of the dining room and repeated his battle cry. It was quite hilarious watching him play warrior.

Now I need to say here that Asher doesn't watch TV. He's not interested in cartoons at this point. Even when Blair and I are watching TV we don't watch violent stuff- at least not around Asher. So where does he get this desire to sword fight? Why does he now chase the dog around the house with these swords? I suppose it is just the warrior within. Of course now comes the parenting part... channelling that little warrior heart in the right direction. I pray the Lord will one day call Asher out to contend for the faith. I pray he will be a virtuous man and he will fight to preserve his integrity. I pray he will fight sin, will guard the honor of whatever young woman the Lord sets apart for him to love, and will be courageous in obeying the will of God.

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