Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back on Facebook

Recently I got back on Facebook. This is my third go around. The first time was back when Facebook was really cool- there was no such thing as Farmville and you had to have a .edu email address to get an account. Obviously because it was cool it was not a fit for me as I couldn't figure it out, didn't want to waste time trying to, didn't see a purpose, and figured it was a passing fad. Clearly I missed that one.

The second time around- not that long ago- I got up to about 500 friends when I realized it was too much of a distraction (my poor discipline, not Zuckerberg's fault). Plus many of these people I barely knew, would never really know, and frankly wasn't too interested in knowing. I don't mean to sound haughty but how many people can we really know?-- and I'm just not building friendship with females not my wife (couple friends are different). On top of that all these non-friend Friends were filling up the News Feed so I couldn't network or really maintain contact with those I wanted to keep up with (not to mention all the Farmville-esque junk). Oh and one more thing... I accepted all these friend requests from those who used to be in my youth groups only to see their licentious lifestyles flaunted on a regular basis. That was really grieving. So I deleted my account (which FB makes complicated to do).

Now I'm back but with rules. I can easily be distracted so I'm working on limiting my time on FB. Most of my posts are easily updated via Twitter without having to get all caught up in the FB happenings. I log in two or three times a day to check my friends. I've limited my friend list too. You must either be my wife, my mom, my grandma, or a dude to get on the list. I don't condemn having opposite sex friends on FB but for now at least I'm just not going to do it. Mainly I want to stay connected to fellow brothers in ministry (pastors and laymen) so I can hear what the Lord is doing in their lives, pray for them, and just stay in touch.

I realize this post borders on narcissism, I mean why should you care why I am back on FB?? I posted this for two reasons. One, perhaps there is a brother or sister out there who, like me, struggling with disciplining time and these tips will help or encourage you. Two, I need accountability and posting it to the world wide web holds my feet to the fire.

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