Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Three Years of Sanctification

Three years ago today I preached my first sermon as the new pastor of Memorial Baptist Church. Blair and I began our relationship and our ministry with the saints here. It hit me in the shower this morning and I've been a bit reflective. The Lord has been so gracious over these last three years to sanctify me. He has deepened my love and dependance on His Word. He has taught me humility (with much more learning to do). He has sat me at the hospital or nursing home bedside of many precious saints. He has allowed me to glean from the wisdom of others. He has surrounded me with dear friends. He has strengthened my marriage. He has taught me how to laugh and when to weep. He has challenged me and enabled me to endure through difficulty. He has reminded me to rejoice at the work of His hands. He has privileged me to see the power of His gospel and taught me to trust in it. The Lord's lessons are painful at times but always produce joy. I'm not certain what the years ahead will present but I'm certain the Lord has purpose in all things. He will instruct. He will lead. He will be glorified.

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AJ said...

Great reflection of the last three years. To God be the glory, great things He hath done,...and He don't stop!