Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Hodge-Podge (3-15)

  • Do you believe in the doctrine of definite atonement? I do. Here is an example of this doctrine being fleshed out in an evangelistic encounter.
  • Hands-down this is a boy's dream bedroom... my wife already told me no. (HT: Challies)
  • When should a church exclude visitors? Here is one view.
  • If you like Iain Murray and like church history you will like these sermons and lectures.
  • What have I got on my iPod right now? As I have opportunity I'm listening to the excellent series through Mark's Gospel that Jim Hamilton is preaching now at Kenwood Baptist Church. Here are the church's sermon files.
  • Below is an old video of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones giving a biographical portrait of George Whitefield.

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