Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Evaluating our Four Targets (April)

Almost two months ago I presented four targets our church needs to be aiming for in 2011. These are things quite frankly that have needed work and if we are going to be the church that God's Word calls us to be we have to give concentrated attention to these things. The four aims are:

1. Be a more diligently praying church

2. Train men to be leaders in their home, community, and church family

3. Put more "boots on the ground" for community gospel outreach

4. Build bridges between age and social groups in the church

So after two months what progress has been made? We must evaluate. Of course it should be said we can "do more" but if the heart isn't burdened for these things and you don't have an humble faith our "doing" won't last. Still we have committed to a special emphasis of 100 Days of Prayer. I am hoping this will get us contrite before the Lord and sensitive to His leadership. We've gotten out into the community to make connections and put the gospel in homes and we have plans to do more of this (we trust the Lord with the results). We're continuing to try and link people together by sharing fellowship meals the first Sunday night of the month and by encouraging everyone to open their homes for fellowship with one another.

The weakest of these four as "doing" is concerned is #2. I'm still trying to think through how we can more tangibly work on training men though I've been encouraged by some one-on-one time I've shared with some of our guys over the last few weeks. Let's keep praying, keeping striving for Biblical faithfulness, and keep investing in one another for the building up of the body!

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