Monday, April 4, 2011

The Gospel Lived Out

I hope my congregation is as blessed through the preaching of Galatians as I have been through the study of Galatians. It is so encouraging to stare deeply at the nature of the gospel and its application to every area of our lives. The gospel is a message but it is a message lived out. Yesterday I hovered over Galatians 2:10 to address a critical misunderstanding of the gospel called "social gospel". As I said yesterday the gospel is not that men do good and compassionate things in society but the gospel does enable men to do good and compassionate things in society. If you have been transformed by God's grace you are going to demonstrate God's character to the people around you-- first to your brothers and sisters in Christ and then to everyone else the Lord has put in your path. Such action adorns the gospel and commends it to others. The world should hear the truth of the gospel from your lips and see its transforming power through your life.

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