Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Hodge-Podge (5-24)

  • Good interview with Tim Chester on the missional nature of mealtime.

  • Our church has transitioned from taking the Lord's Supper once-a-quarter (at its most frequent) to every month on the first Sunday morning service of the month. Jim Hamilton offers some Biblical perspective on the frequency of observing this ordinance.

  • I'm taking a brief 3-week break from Galatians to preach a doctrinal series on heaven and hell. Here is a good response from Randy Alcorn to the recent books about supposed "caught up to heaven" experiences.

  • Jennifer Smidt at The Resuregence Blog has posted 10 Things Submission is Not.

  • Justin Taylor presents the back and forth between Trevin Wax and John Starke regarding the gospel as a "three legged stool". Interesting.

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