Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's a Girl!

Marriage and parenthood are probably God's two greatest tools for sanctification-- for me at least (single people without children are no less sanctified by the Lord). Raising Asher these last 18 months has been so full of joy but often I am confronted with my own sin. Every fit, every temper-tantrum, and every act of defiance (he learned an immediate dislike to the word "no") reminds me of my sinfulness and need for a Redeemer. Thankfully Christ has redeemed me and I pray daily that He would overtake my son and one day call him to repent and believe. Last night Asher went reaching and huffing for something on our book shelf. A toy? No. Daddy's Kindle? No. The car keys? No. One of his books? No. I picked him up so he could show me the object of his desires and it was our old Baptist Hymnal which we often open to sing with him and have family devotions. Once in reach he grabbed the hymnal. I set him down and he walked over, plopped down next to mom, opened the book, and looked at me as if to say "let's get to singing". We did. Those are joyful moments and I long for the day when he sings along in intelligible words with a heart for Jesus to match.

Now our joy will be doubled but in a new way. We are expecting our second child- a girl! When the tech reading the ultrasound told us I about hit the floor. I'm not prepared to enter the world of hair bows and pretty things. Dirt and toy swords is all I'm familiar with-- I was raised with two brothers after all. This is a whole new ballgame and I'm thrilled... scared to death, but thrilled. My wife and I are now preparing for Piper Clair to join our family in early November and preparing for the Lord to do yet more sanctifying work in our lives!

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