Sunday, July 31, 2011

Big Step toward New Work

Today was a difficult but important day. Over the last few months the Lord has been stirring Blair's and my heart to plant a new church in Beaumont, Texas. The heart can be deceptive but we have been exhaustive at seeking counsel from others (particularly trusted pastors), praying, and seeking guidance through the Word. Ideas have become journaling which has become a plan. This plan has found favor by other pastors who plan to lead their churches to partner with us to start this new work. We've talked to friends and the deacons at Memorial. After their counsel and support I announced our plans to the church this morning (we had a Q&A tonight). I will continue as their pastor for the next five months and conclude my ministry at the end of the year. Concurrently we will work on gathering together a core group and begin to lay the ground work for the new church. I hope to use this time not only to do the necessary "advance work" of planting but also to help guide Memorial through the transition and prepare them for future leadership. Blair and I covet your prayers that the Lord will use two churches-- one new and the other nearly a century old-- to glorify His great name and bring the gospel to men and women in the Golden Triangle.

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