Friday, September 23, 2011

Growing Disciple=Living Missionally

I believe articles like this one by Mike Breen are, though well-intentioned and helpful on certain points, misleading. Reading his article you can easily feel the need to pick between a mission-focused church and a discipleship-focused church. This is not a choice that should be made. Discipleship done right includes being missional. Biblical discipleship is not just filling your head with unapplied knowledge. Churches must equip their members in the Word... for missional living. Being a Biblical church requires every member being missional because every member ought to be a growing disciple of the Lord Jesus. Of course too often churches don't disciple well. We are good at getting people into our programs and systems but activity is not necessarily spiritual growth.

Likewise many churches are not really good at doing missions either. That is relegated only to a committee, those who volunteer a bit of time at a local shelter, or those who can afford to go on 10-day trips to some foreign country. Those folks are doing missions but we must teach in our churches that every Christian must "do missions" every day and in every area of their life. The gospel is a way of life and discipling people is to- like the Apostle Paul- invest in others, sow God's Word into them, and challenge them to live missionally. Missional living and discipleship are two-sides of the same coin... both with the aim to make much of Christ and His gospel.

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