Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Humility through a Mini-Van

This week started off pretty rough. By Monday afternoon I was exhausted- not physically but in all the other ways that aren't so easily remedied. Perhaps the breaking point came when after running an errand with my wife and son that evening I hit the button for the sliding door to open in our van so I could unbuckle my son. It didn't open. I tried the button on my key chain. It didn't work either. In the last three months we've spent almost $600 in vehicle repair and I immediately began to envision what it would cost to fix the power doors. On top of all the other issues I'd had to deal with in the previous 24 hours this I did not need.

Suddenly I was convicted that I had made two critical mistakes. First, and most grievously I was dipping into the well of anger, frustration, bitterness, and doubt. The last of which was essentially questioning the Lord's provision. Who was I to get upset?? The Lord is ever-gracious and if He can deliver me from sin's clutches He will provide the funds to fix my van. On top of that, it is just a thing. He's blessed me and my family with great health and we have another child on the way. My cup runneth over so I realized immediately I needed to cool my jets.

My second critical mistake had a more practical consequence. I didn't hit the unlock button and oh yeah genius, power doors don't work when locked. Boy, did I feel stupid. Subtract impatience and add common sense. It's amazing how much better the day goes. Of course that's a lesson that in hindsight would avoid much heartache. The Lord is gracious to humble me through a mini-van!

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