Thursday, September 22, 2011

What do I mean by Confessional?

I'm working on developing a statement of faith for Cross Point Church that will eventually supplant the Abstract of Principles as the confessional document of the church. Nothing wrong with the AOP but there's additional positions not considered in 1858 (when the AOP was written) that I believe are important for inclusion. There are other things that I think can be more clearly stated in our present context. This project is probably a few months off from completion but I came across a good quote from Carl Trueman that is applicable to why this project is important:

For a church to be `confessional' means for it to adhere to a particular confession or set of confessional documents. There are two parts to that statement, of course: there is the material statement, in that there are confessional documents involved, documents which teach certain doctrines; and there is the point that the church `adheres' to said documents, i.e., the church has a Form of Government which connects to the confessional documents; as a result, office bearers take vows to uphold certain doctrines as taught in the confessional documents and there are procedures in place to remove them from office should they fail to do so.

Quote taken from this source.

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