Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Hodge-Podge (10-18)

  • Questions about Mormonism and its divergence from orthodox Christianity have become a hot topic again (due to Mitt Romney's presidential candidacy and LDS membership). Kevin DeYoung offers Mormonism 101.
  • So were Old Covenant believers permanently indwelt with the Holy Spirit? This is a good study topic and a question presented to me recently. Murray says yes. Hamilton says no.
  • Here is an interesting take on the spectrums of theological truth from Justin Taylor.
  • I'm planting a church but I pray established churches will maintain a pioneer mindset toward evangelism that most new churches start with. Here are 5 Ways Established Churches should think like Plants.
  • Here are ways you can think and act more missionally/ evangelistically among your neighbors.

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