Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not as bad as you thought it was

My wife and I have had several conversations lately about how much easier it was with just one child but how we didn't realize it until our second came. In fact I can't imagine why I was ever tired or stressed before children! It is sort of human nature to lack perspective. Whatever challenges you're facing in the moment seem like the most insurmountable... until other challenges come. Of course hindsight allows us to see the Lord's hand in every circumstance and challenge. It allows us to see how He used those circumstances to shape us and prepare us for the next set of circumstances. This is one of the many rewards of faith as Romans 5:1-5 explains. So whatever seems overwhelming in the moment realize that by faith the Lord is using it to refine and there will be a day when you'll look back and see that. You'll realize it was not as bad as you thought it was.

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