Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reality of Sin in Happy Valley

The Penn State tragedy (the tragedy is that young boys were assaulted, not that a football program or school has a black-eye) has reminded me of a few realities in this world we live in…

1. No place… not even “Happy Valley” is insulated from sin and the depravity of man.

2. This abhorrent crime against children occurred at a prestigious academic institution in the locker room of a powerhouse athletic program so we see money, education, and athletic glory do not provide the answers to curing man’s deepest problem.

3. Sin is infectious. Consider how one man’s sexual deviance elicited so many others to be deceitful and morally reckless.

4. The consequences of a few men’s sins literally have affected thousands… first and foremost the boys and their families. Then consider as these boys become men (some already are) and how this abuse will affect their marriages and their children. The consequences will also (to a different and lesser degree than the victims) be felt by those football players and coaches (who may have trouble finding work just because of their association with those involved) who had no direct connection to the actions of a few. Finally consider those countless men who do have integrity and give of their time to teaching and coaching young boys—they will face undeserved scrutiny and suspicion because of one monstrous pervert.

5. None are righteous. Sin radically affects every part of us and no part of us came through the Fall unscathed. We may not act as badly as we could (or as badly as those involved in this scandal) but we all act on our sinful condition rendering us unrighteous and unfit to glorify and enjoy a holy God. Thanks be to Him that He is also a loving and merciful God. He provided a Redeemer and rescues undeserving men and women like me from the condemnation we deserve to an everlasting and all-satisfying relationship with Him.

Pray for those involved in this scandal that God would—as He wills—show justice and mercy. Pray especially for these afflicted boys that they will find comfort, healing, and ultimate restoration in the Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

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