Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Hodge-Podge (11-15-11)

  • The scandal at Penn State over alleged child sexual abuse caused me to do some research on abuse statistics. I was shocked that 1-in-4 girls in our country are abused in our country and 1-in-6 boys (before the age of 18). Christians must be alert to protect these weak ones against those who would bring such violence against them. Mark 9:42.
  • Tired of hearing the word "missional". The bottom shelf meaning is simply every Christian intentionally carrying out Christ's redemptive mission in daily life. Here are eight ways to be missional.
  • If you are in or around the Golden Triangle you ought to consider attending this conference (on Biblical Worldview) with Dr. Jobe Martin this weekend (Nov 18-19).
  • I've recently encountered both Calvinist and Arminian (and those in between or not at all) with one common characteristic in their view of the church-- they are consumeristic. David Platt challenges us here on this issue plaguing local churches.
  • "We're not as big or important as we think we are." That's just one statement by Trevin Wax in this helpful post about the SBC's consideration of a name change.

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