Monday, December 12, 2011

Houston Texans: 2011 AFC South Division Champs!

(My blog post title still feels a little unreal to type)

I resist posting about sports nearly every week. It would be very easy for me to turn this into a blog on my opinions of various sports' stories. The thing is, there is very little I could talk about that would be much benefit to the church or fellow pastors-- which is my aim. So I muzzle my sports thoughts and focus my energies toward other matters.

Not today...

"My team" finally clinched a play-off birth yesterday and I was euphoric. My wife was laughing at me because of how silly the Texans' victory made me last night. I don't have a college team to root for (though my alma mater is soon to add a football program) and my childhood team moved away (the Houston Oilers). As a Houston native I was bred to have nothing but disdain for the Cowboys so for the last decade I've had to root for a team that only knew losing. I don't count 8-8 seasons or the one 9-7 non-play-off season as "winning". Nothing was really accomplished. The Oilers had some really good teams and some really epic chokes (Bills in '92 and Chiefs in '93 in my memory... I'm too young to remember the Steelers' battles of the late 70's, though I've heard the tales). The Texans however have never really choked... they just didn't breathe in the first place. They've invented new and painful ways to torture their fans-- I really can't believe the Texans have such a faithful fan base in Houston.

Now, they are winners. It is especially satisfying how they've won their division. Their best receiver (arguably one of the best in the NFL) has been injured for most of the season. Their star running back wasn't healthy for the first quarter of the season. Their best defensive player, out for the year. Their starting QB and back-up QB, out for the year. Their star middle linebacker has been hurting all year too. Their 3rd string QB is a rookie no one ever heard of from North Carolina (they play a sport other than basketball??). Yet this team is tough and determine. That's inspiring and that's my team!

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