Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ready for Launch!

This Sunday Cross Point begins its third critical stage of development: Mobilization. The first stage is actually continuous (must be) and is the Prayer/ Dreaming stage. For us this began back in the Spring of 2011. The second stage began last Summer and was the Planning/ Fundraising stage. I've been blessed to have two families come alongside ours to dig down in the trenches of this phase with us. We're also blessed with partnering churches and their pastors to help. Now it is time to moblize.

From January 8 through April 8 (which is Easter Sunday) we will be meeting every Sunday for worship and fellowship. These will be simple gatherings to exalt Jesus, hear from His Word, and break bread together so that we might build toward authentic and committed friendships. My expectations for these three months are:

1. To cull together a committed group of Christ-followers who will make up the core group of the church. These will be called upon to share of their time, talents, and treasures to the Kingdom work of the church in Beaumont (and beyond).

2. To dig through Mark's Gospel together and so be formed as a church family around the person of Jesus Christ.

3. To organize and implement Missional Community Groups (MCG's for lack of a catchier name). These groups will meet in homes and be smaller applications of the Biblical picture of the church as a missional faith community. Each group will include believers who are church members (in covenant by common confession) and will intentionally seek to pull in unbelievers or those believers not connected with a church family. Each group will be intentional about sharing and living out the gospel through community engagement. Each group will be intentional about investing in one another and building each other up.

4. To introduce ourselves to the Old Town/ Downtown community through canvassing efforts and through hospitality.

5. To identify and begin training leadership-- particularly men to lead in their homes and in the church.

That will bring us to the next stage: Deployment. This will also be continuous. We will be putting our MCG's into full application. We will be expanding our gospel footprint in the city. We will formalize covenant church membership (yep, that is Biblical and critical). There's lots of other stuff I could say to this but first up is this Sunday. Pray for us. Join us. Spread the word.

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