Monday, February 20, 2012

6-Weeks till Deployment

The second half of 2011 occupied the prayer and planning stage of planting Cross Point. Presently we’re in the mobilization stage. We’ve been putting a team together of committed Christians passionate about God’s Word and the good news of Jesus Christ. For all intents and purposes this stage will conclude on March 25. Having Sunday evening worship has allowed other churches to partner with us in various hands-on ways but two new initiatives will be under way that will kick us into the deployment stage. In mid-March we’ll implement the first run of our community groups. This isn’t another program. This is a lifestyle. We’ll break up into smaller units and meet in homes (four consecutive weeks, then two weeks off) to build community and study the Scriptures with those we pull in from the various spaces we occupy in society. We’ll also transition to a Sunday morning worship service on April 1. Worship will begin at 10:30am and be followed on most Sundays with a fellowship lunch. There are long-range plans for additional Bible learning opportunities on Sunday but we’re keeping it simple for now and not putting too much on the curling bar yet. Pray for these new initiatives that they will build bridges to connect the gospel to hearers and in those hearings Christ would awaken hearts.

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