Friday, February 24, 2012

Be Missional... really, its ok.

Be careful of the lure to comfort and complacency. If you pursue the path of least resistance you shouldn’t be following Christ. As history unfolds so is God’s redemptive mission. Those who’ve been called to faith by the grace of God are united with this mission as they are united with God. This requires speaking and living out the gospel before men (Matthew 6:16). This takes time and personal investment. How do you get started?

Here are a few tips:

1. Have an open house. Don’t pull a bait-and-switch by luring unsuspecting neighbors into a mild meet and greet only to trap them into an intensive study of the doctrines of grace. Just be good neighbors and build bridges. Send or pass out invitations saying you want to get to know your neighbors better. Have good snacks and a come-and-go atmosphere (let them leave wanting more). Be a gospel light by leading in prayer, by setting out good books (let them take what is of interest). Put a church yard sign out so they can make the connection.

2. Invite people to your church’s worship and fellowship time. No brainer right? Not saying anything cutting edge here. Except that most people don’t do this. About 7 of 10 people who visit churches do so because someone invited them. Pretty efficient so why don’t we do it? Some will say fear keeps us but I think it’s just laziness.

3. Ask co-workers or neighbors questions. Like… reading any good books? Or… what did you do over the weekend? Maybe they’ll be polite and ask you back, then voila… open opportunity.

Be missional. Be on mission with Jesus Christ in every space you occupt. Trust the Lord to bring the harvest but be faithful to work the harvest!

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