Sunday, February 19, 2012

God put a team together… Now what?

Over the last few weeks I’ve been meeting with the core group that is planting Cross Point Church. There are six households represented in this planting team. Most of them didn’t even have this on their radar a year ago. The Lord began putting this “vision” on my heart in spring 2011. The first two families that came alongside us hadn’t even been living in Texas but a few months and they jumped on board last summer. Then in January the other three families came aboard—two of which were also new residents to Beaumont. Of this group one family moved to Texas from New Mexico almost two years ago, another from Ohio almost a year ago, and another from California a few months ago. How amazing that all our paths converged to connect and come together for this mission. The Lord puts His teams together and then sends them out.

As amazing as it is to consider how the Lord has knit us together it is also awesome to consider what lies ahead. So far we’ve seen a successful planting of a worship service but the church is still a work in progress. Consider how the Apostle Paul planted churches. He gathered a team (Barnabas, Silas, Timothy, etc) and went into a community on a mission. Paul and his team began preaching the gospel and connecting to people. They usually preached the gospel in official assemblies like in a synagogue but also shared the gospel in the marketplace or in homes. That permeated the culture without being saturated in it. This is our aim. We have a sign outside a building every Sunday that says where and when our church family meets for worship and fellowship. This is our official assembly. We sing songs that proclaim God’s Word. We read and pray over God’s Word. I preach God’s Word. We see God’s Word enacted through the Lord’s Supper (and hopefully soon through baptism). Then we eat together which is an essential and Biblical form of applying the gospel. Now we’re also turning our eyes and efforts toward the marketplace (wherever people do life) and the home. We’re praying and looking for opportunity to build gospel bridges into people’s lives, to open our homes to them, and to share the gospel to them in word and deed. It has been inspiring to my faith to see how God has put His team together and it is exciting to imagine how He will use us in the days ahead. Pray for our team. Pray for the city of Beaumont. Pray for the glory of God to be magnified in the hearts of those who are still in need of redemption.

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