Thursday, March 22, 2012

Life is Messy

Last weekend we had a parade of our friends come through our house to help us paint and do other odd jobs to prep for sale. We really appreciated the help and the fellowship. Of course the house looked like chaos has blown through and it took a few days to make it look like we hadn't been robbed. It is just impossible to not make a mess while you are trying to fix up a house. Such is life. We are about three months into planting Cross Point and it has been really exciting to see God bring our core group together and to bring others in and out of our fellowship. It is messy though.

Things don't always go as planned. I'm sure we get on each other's nerves or disagree at times (though no one has really shown it). The pastor's kid falls out of his chair in worship and gets up crying during that "quiet, spiritual moment" in a song. Food spills. Sound equipment doesn't work. People show up late (or not at all). It is life. The idea that sharing life together and investing in one another is some sort of utopia is a myth (at least on this side of heaven). Being a church family is about rolling with the punches and sticking. I'm thankful though that when life gets messy the Lord has knit me together with a church family like Cross Point. We aren't meant to live the gospel out in isolation but in community... and it is a community of sinners who are each at different points in sanctification. That we can grow together, encourage one another, and even through life's messes display the unifying power of the gospel is a testimony to the person and work of Jesus in our lives and to the glory of God.

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