Monday, June 18, 2012

The Lord's Day and Pillow FIghts

Sundays are special days at the Bradshaw home. My wife and I put effort into making them special. Sunday is special because it is set apart in Scripture as the Lord's Day. It is the day we are to give special and focused attention on Christ our Sabbath. We set apart Sunday for worship with our church family, for rest as a family, and to reflect on the goodness of God. Blair and I really want to imprint on our children the uniqueness and joy of the day. This starts on Saturday as we try to wind down early, not planning too much that will leave us exhausted Sunday morning. It means early bedtimes. It means Blair usually prepares something for lunch on Saturday- not because we believe we're banned from all labor but because we want to occupy as little of Sunday toward busy work as possible. The crock-pot comes in handy on Sunday (we try to avoid eating out unless it is for a special purpose-- fellowship with believers or ministry to a particular unbeliever).

I want my 2 1/2 year old son to already be anticipating Sunday-- though he doesn't yet grasp the ultimate reason for anticipation. So on Saturday we start to talk up getting together with our church in the morning. We ask him who he's going to see and he names names with a smile on his face. We do this at bedtime to motivate him to go night-night so he can wake up and see his friends... and it works. Because we're a church plant and do set-up every week I find things for him to do... like drag one chair at a time across the floor to set-up. He's daddy's helper. We worship, we fellowship, and then when we get home we eat. After eating comes the nap-- Asher's not a fan-- but after the nap comes pillow play time. It is the one day a week he gets to drag out all the pillows and couch cushions (ALL OF THEM) to play with-- we build things, we wrestle, we crash, etc etc. This goes on until dad can barely move anymore. It is special and I pray that my son grows to love the Lord's Day, ultimately because of the LORD of the day-- Jesus Christ.

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