Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Vegetarian Prayer-venture

For fifty days I am a vegetarian. (NOT a vegan… bring on the butter!) Let me be clear, I am not anti-meat. In fact I love meat (maybe too much). I’m also not on a diet. Truthfully I have never been a big adherent to diets as my waistline will attest. I believe all foods are given to us by God for our good and enjoyment. We should eat and enjoy with moderation to the glory of our Heavenly Provider. I do respect those who for personal tastes have chosen to abstain from certain foods though I have no respect for those who do so for legalistic or pagan reasons.

So why am I abandoning burgers, bacon, and barbecue for 50 days? Over the last two months the Lord has done two incredible things in my life that have now provoked this meat-fast. First, He has put many wonderful people in my life that are not yet believers in Jesus Christ. Some of these are from other countries and some come from religious backgrounds that adhere to vegetarianism. I want to better these friendships to open doors for the gospel. Second, God has convicted me on my need to pray more (He’s also given me fantastic evidences of the work of prayer). So for 50 days (starting last Friday, July 13) I will have a thrice-daily reminder to pray for my friends. My hope is that the Lord will give me opportunity to make the gospel clear and will bring my friends to know the Savior I love so dearly. If all I have to give up is a little meat for a few weeks that is small potatoes (which are still on the menu).

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