Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What are Cross Point's Community Groups about?

We'll be rolling out our Community Groups in a few weeks so I thought it would be helpful to reiterate and clarify our vision and approach. Hope this is helpful...

Many churches have started a small group ministry as another program to deepen fellowship among members and connect non-members into the fellowship. This kind of program is often a replacement or a complement to a Sunday School program. If this works for your church to achieve a Biblical purpose then go for it but it is not the same thing as what Cross Point is aiming to do.

Our church does not have a small group ministry. Our church aims to be a network of groups. To put it another way, small groups are not one program or ministry of our church. Small groups are how we do ministry as a church.

Our gathering on Sunday is the when and where our church of small groups worships and fellowships together. So we meet on Sunday to exalt Christ and be equipped in the Word so that our groups will be encouraged to live on mission together Monday through Saturday. These groups are designed to be missional because the church is missional by God’s design.

So we’re clear, I am not suggesting that by doing something different or defining something different we think we’re better. We’re just different. If anything, our approach is just a more simple and streamlined approach to church life and ministry.

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