Thursday, October 25, 2012

Church Growth Plan??

I was asked the other day about where my church was in its growth plan. Honestly I had no idea what kind of answer the person was looking for. To my recollection I muttered something about having about 20 or so on average in worship with new faces popping in and out pretty regularly. I'm sure my answer did not inspire any strategic genius. Do I care about attendance? Yes. I want our church family to be faithful in worship. I miss them when they aren't there. I want us all to be inviting and bringing guests with us to worship who need to hear the gospel (and I also expect us to be sharing that gospel on the other days of the week too).

At the end of the day though, I can't sweat attendance and church growth figures. The Lord has called me to be faithful in the study and teaching of the Word as well to be a man devoted to my family, devoted to prayer, devoted to personal evangelism and devoted to watching over my flock. I'll leave the growth up to God. Here's the reality... the Lord might add herculean numbers to our church like Jerusalem in Acts 2, He might add one or two like Athens in Acts 17, or He might permit that we get chased out of town like happened most places in Acts. That's up to Him... as for me, it is the faithful planting and tilling that is my charge to keep.

I say all that while at the same time battling the temptations to get frustrated when half my church is out of town every other Sunday, or to be discouraged when those we've shared the gospel with don't come to faith or those we've invited to worship don't show up, or to be embarrassed when I don't have a flashy answer to give to a church growth question. It is a daily battle to trust the Lord and not live to please man so the video below was a needed reminder and encouragement...

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