Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cross Point to Lower Calder!

In three weeks our church will (at 9 months old) will change locations for our Sunday gathering. We have been meeting at the Baptist Hospital's auditorium building which is a couple miles outside the neighborhood we're targeting and kind of off the beaten path but it has been a blessing. For nine months we've been able to gather together for worship (and often for Sunday lunch) free of rent costs. This has helped us save money so that when we needed to get a building ready for use we could do it in the black, financially-speaking. This has also helped us to focus on and develop the things that truly define us: drafting a confession of faith, training our core group to do Community Groups in their homes, and cultivating an understanding (through preaching and teaching) that the Word builds the church... not programs or buildings.

There's still much to work on and implement. We're still a baby church. In the weeks and months ahead we'll be formalizing church membership, beginning the process of drafting a Constitution, multiplying our Community Group network, identifying and training leaders, and of course, continuing to build relationships in the Old Town District of Beaumont. The latter will be helped greatly by our new location. The building has a rich history in the community and a unique look. Meeting in this building for weekly worship and opening up to the community for special events will help us establish a presence in the neighborhood and provide a more visible platform for our core values: 1. Treasuring Jesus, 2. Biblical Truth, 3. Gospel Growth, 4. Missional Living, and 5. Covenant Community.

With a lot of help from the members of First Baptist Church Groves, who came out last Sunday to get the building in shape, we are close to having this old building ready for new purpose. Lord willing, we will hold our first worship service at 2405 Calder Avenue on November 11, 2012 (remember: 11-11). Pray the Lord would use this building as a tool for spreading the gospel and building His church.

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