Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another ONE

A couple years ago I penned this post about my son turning one. Today my daughter has turned one. She is another evidence of God's grace in my life. I must admit when the ultrasound tech told us we were having a girl I had mixed emotions... fear and panic. Don't get me wrong I wasn't unhappy we were having a girl, though for some illogical reason I'd convinced myself we were having another boy. I was just happy to be having another child and that everything was healthy but having grown up with brothers I had no context for having a little girl in the house. What a delight this first year has been! Fear turned quickly to joy. She's my little sweetheart. I pray daily that the Lord would help me to be a godly man for her to learn from and that He would prepare a godly man for her to marry one day.

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet P!

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