Wednesday, December 19, 2012


With the challenges of transitioning our church to a new location over the past three months now over I've had time to reflect and dream about the days ahead. This time of year I'm usually both reflective and in goal-setting mode. After some personal Bible study and prayer time the other I began to lay out resolutions for 2013. I usually put some goals and desires before me and ask the Lord to help me be resolved in following through. This year I was intentional about not just adding things to my life but taking things away. I'm aiming for more simplicity in reading, writing, ministry, spare time/ hobbies, etc. So that means saying goodbye to certain things... like this blog.

I started this blog when I began my pastorate at Memorial Baptist Church in Port Arthur, Texas. The purpose of it was three-fold. First, it was a place to write. I love writing and need to write. This help me improve that skill and express my heart on various subjects. Second, it was intended to provide resources and encouragement to my church, family, and beyond. I'm not sure how many people pass by to read but occasionally I've crossed paths with those who've been encouraged by the content, so I'm glad to serve in that way. Third, to challenge my church and others who may take a look on certain Biblical convictions, namely (as the title of this blog suggests) for the church to see itself as a culture of sacrifice. We are the redeemed people of God-- made so by the sacrifice of Jesus that provided atonement and justification. We are a new culture, that lives among many cultures, and ought to reflect the person, work, and sacrificial nature of Jesus Christ our Lord.

But it is time to put a pin in this little project and focus my attention on other areas and outlets for expression. For the four or five of you that keep up here (haha) I hope the resources and writings here have edified. I've got one or two posts left in me but nothing past 2012 and the present content will remain indefinitely. Thanks for reading and thank you to those out there that have shared with me what is helpful. May God bless!

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