Thursday, December 20, 2012

Things I've Learned from Blogging

A few things that blogging has taught me over the past five years...

1. Humility. I'm reminded often that my "brilliant thoughts" are not as impressive outside my own mind and not as often read as I might imagine.

2. Vanity is always a temptation. Blogging can feed pride if not careful and if not continually reminded of #1.

3. It has saved my wife from hearing everything on my mind.

4. It helps clarify thoughts and articulate them in brevity.

5. It is a good venting place (though I always had to remind myself that other people could read my vents so I edited my venting often).

6. I change my mind. I like that I can look back and see the development and maturation of my thought and ideas. It has been tempting to go back and delete posts but I've left them up as a reminder that sanctification and maturity is a process.

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